Real interpreter in  your smartphone
In seconds we connect you and interpreter.

Without pre-order and pre-payment.
Starting from  $0.7 per minute.
When you are in foreign country and need to be understood

For example, with taxi driver, in a drugstore, at the reception desk.

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Pass phone to each other and speak one by one or simply turn phone in loudspeaker mode.

When need to call to another country

For example, to talk about house rent in France or to conduct negotiations with the chinese factory.

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Abracadabra can connect you, interpreter and up to 3 additional participants from anywhere around the globe.

Internet connection is not required
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If internet is too expensive or you just don’t have it, application will compose SMS to make order and the interpreter will call you to your phone number.

How it works
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Select language and specialization. Abracadabra will call you, interpreter and, if needed, to several more telephone numbers and organize all participants in conference call.

Best interpreters

Hundreds of interpeters all around the world are online to help you fight get over the language barrier

Rate interpreter after every order. Only best interpreters stay in Abracadabra.

from $0.7 per minute

Abracadabra’s rate per minute to call to foreign country with interpreter connected to your call is usually less if you would just call there from you telephone number.

Per minute rate. You pay only after receiving translation services.

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